Karesmart Pharmacy Management Solution

Karesmart brings you a comprehensive yet simplistic pharmacy management system that gives you complete control over your pharma outlets right at your fingertips. We have made things much easier like never before by enabling you to easily navigate through Inventory Management, Dispensary, and Report Generation.


Integration of Hospital with one or more pharmacy
Inventory management for Pharmacy & Store
Multilingual Language Support for Prescription
Payment follow-up - Insurance & Patients
Activity Tracking - Financial, Clinical, & Operational
Stringent Quality Assurance Process
Cloud-managed with Offline mode enabled
Highly customizable & independently deployable
Open to additional requirements with 24x7 support
100% Paperless Pharmacy Management Solution
Audit Reports for Government

Pharmacy Management

Karesmart comes integrated with its prime tool for managing your pharmacies by enabling easy navigation through Inventory Management, Dispensary Management, and Report Generation. Take complete control over your pharma outlets right at your fingertips with our Pharmacy Management System.

Dispensary Management

Our tool comes equipped with a very easy-to-use dispensary management interface to manage all your indents. It can also classify between Outpatients and Anonymous Patients.

Request Handler

All the initiated medication requests received from Outpatients or Doctors are listed in a single window. You can either accept or reject depending on the availability of drugs.

Anonymous Patient Processing

For the patients who are not in the system (external), you get the option to either add them into the system or process separately as anonymous patients. The drugs can be dispensed as similar to the Outpatient process.

Print Prescription

The tool comes with multiple features when it comes to printing. On a broader note, the tool supports Internal and External Pharmacy Print, Multilingual Language Support, Customizable/Invoice Print, and not limited to these.

Dispense Handler

Once the requests are accepted, the tool lets you dispense the drugs in FIFO fashion after payments are done. The expiry dates and sig codes as recommended by the doctor can also be printed in Tamil along with the billing information. While dispensing, the tool gives you an alert if the inventory is low, thus giving you the time to reorder in advance.

BOGGy Coding

For each of the status, we have embedded a color-coding sequence; for instance, the payment status turns Blue when paid and turns Grey when unpaid. Also, the pharmacy dispense status turns Orange for pending and Green when dispensed.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory is the most crucial aspect of any business. And it is no different from your pharmacies as well. But with our proven Karesmart Pharmacy Management System (KPMS), we bring in simplicity backed by numerous opportunities.

Manage Vendors

Our vendor deck allows you to register the drug suppliers in detail and is safely stored in a dedicated database. You can view the complete list along with status in a simplistic table and can also search, edit, or remove the vendors at ease.

Manage Stocks

Keep the stock updated across your Main and Sub-pharmacies with auto-reorder and get it synced in real-time. Keep track of your pending stocks and never worry about running out of stock anymore. Our tool comes equipped with GRN integration.

Manage Purchase & Returns

You can conveniently place a purchase order or a return order to your preferred vendor and monitor the status from the draft till completion. Generating invoices with GST has been made simpler with KPMS.

Manage Drugs

Those umpteen lists of drugs need to be added and sorted in such a way to easily manage depending on availability. Our tool makes it possible where you can view the status, manage based on drug type, and with HSN integration.

Manage Expiry

It is highly mandatory to keep track of the drugs and supplies that are both expired and is approaching expiry so that you can timely return it. Our Auto-expiry feature lets you highlight the expired items and places auto-refill orders with the vendor.

Insurance Setup & Tracker

Our Insurance Tracker is like a miniature CRM which helps you to set up and keep track of the Insurance claims and follow the same with the concerned person at communicated intervals, thus eliminating the progress barriers.

Billing and Payments

You can manage bills, claims, payments, and more in our simplified tool without missing any dates in the calendar.

Bill Tracker & GST Integration

Whether Billed or Unbilled or Outstanding, get it displayed upfront in the tool and manage everything at ease. The tool comes with a seamless tax handler with GST integration, making it easy to handle taxes. Consolidated billing can also be generated.

Advance & Discount Tracker

Providing discounts to patients maybe for a special occasion or any special reasons, it can be made possible in our simplistic tool. Managing advance payments can also be tracked and stored securely.

Payments & Refund Tracker

Never let loose of that missing payment again or that unaccounted refund transaction. Doesn’t matter if the transaction is done through Cash, Card, or Cheque, we have got it all covered. The tool supports Partial Payments like a piece of cake! And lets you track it and close the balance in the future.

Referrals Tracker

For those patients who approach you by referrals can also be easily populated and tracked in the tool.

Analytics & Reporting

For every work done through the tool, rest assured that you’d get comprehensive reports and a dashboard from where you can monitor the whole operations, be it your clinic, labs, or pharmacies from where you can arrive at actionable conclusions.

Branch-specific Tracking

Keep track of the day to day progress made across your branches from a single window with respect to the count of transactions, stock availability, etc.

Visit Type Tracking

Track visits in terms of “Self” or “Referred by Doctor” or “Doctor Prescriptions” and view it populated in informative graphical representations.

Revenue vs. Profit Reporting

Monitoring the cash inflows and outflows from your clinics, pharmacies, and labs across locations are now enabled within our tool. Also, find out the total revenues and profits generated by doctors and mode of payment by Cash, Cheque, or Card,

Outstanding Balance Report

The outstanding balance report gives you a complete picture from a Patient and Insurance perspective. It lets you track the aging of the outstanding payments as well, thus giving you an ease of monitoring.

Automated Notifications

The patients get automated SMS and Email notifications of the reports once they are made available by the respective departments. It can also be printed on demand. Our reports comply with the Clinical Establishment Act.

Demand vs. Supply Reporting

Monitor a fast-moving drug? Got a batch of drugs that are approaching expiry? Is a specific test if of high demand? We have already thought about it and have integrated methods to help you fill the gaps.

Sales Reporting

Whatever the type of sale is, you can be sure that you can track it. Even the sales returned and the refund for the same is seamlessly captured for your purview.

Tax Reporting

Get GST reports for every applicable transaction and monitor the overall taxes effortlessly. Our transparent features never let you slip off any invoices.

Other Comprehensive Features

Increased productivity & efficiency
Secure handling of sensitive information
Auto-refill Order Placed for Low Stocks
Bug-free Quality Assured Product
Automated Alerts on Expiry & Low Stock
Integrated with globally accepted standards (DICOM)

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