Take control of your Hospital/Clinc expenses. Tightly integrated with department-wise revenue sources.

  • Billing: Integrated with IP, OP, Pharmacy and Lab.
  • Payment: Manage advance payment, add/edit GST to the bill.
  • Invoice: Dynamic invoice & receipt templates.
  • Insurance: Outstanding summary+detailed view across patients and insurance.

Revenue report with high transparency across the departments which helps to know the

  • Outstanding summary+ Detailed view across patients and Insurance.
  • Periodic revenue reports with different dashboards.
  • Investment indication to secure the future business with high ROI.
  • Highly compatible to integrate with any accounting software.
  • Dynamic Invoice & receipt template.
  • Single or consolidate billing
  • Billing for all department services
  • Charge, tax and price list setup
  • Service based auto bill generation
  • Insurance invoice generation
  • Various revenue reports

One scalable platform to deliver care for any and all use cases

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One scalable platform to deliver care for any and all use cases

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