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Strictly complies with the privacy law in protecting sensitive patient data.

White-label Platform

Rebrand your business through Karesmart and reach new heights in healthcare.


The database is systemized with Unique Health Identification of patients.

Barcode Integration

The tool natively supports barcode integration to help you support specimen tracking.

Automatic Notifications

SMS & Email notifications are automatically sent to patients for every completed event.

Online Appointments

The tool can be accessed from anywhere and anytime as per the patient’s convenience.

Vitals Tracking

A dedicated care team can be assigned to track the vitals and capture other related info in the tool.

Clinical Templates

Predefined templates are available for generating reports. It is also open to customizations.

ICD 10 Procedures

Official medical classification codes are assigned to procedures.

Sig Code Integration

Communication of prescriptions by practitioners in sig code to pharmacies is supported.

Local Transcript

The tool supports printing the prescriptions and sig codes in the Tamil language alongside English.

Integrated Pharmacy Management

Karesmart is integrated with the feature-rich Pharmacy Management System.

Integrated Lab Management

Karesmart is integrated with a fully functional Lab Management System.

Integrated Radiology Management

Providing the best in class medical imaging solution with DICOM and supports device integration.

NABL Accredited

Lab testing process and medical & laboratory equipment management comply with NABL.


Our Hospital Management process complies with NABH guidelines.

Document Management

You can upload valuable documents in the tool concerning the patients thus aiding in effective consultation.


The tool is enabled with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) thus eliminating the hassles of maintaining physical records.

Inventory Management

No matter the size of your drug store or other supplements, the tool lets you keep tabs on everything.

Billing and Payment

The tool comes with the finest and the most secure billing and payment system with zero vulnerabilities.

Partial & Advance Payments

You can even keep track of the partial payments and close it in the future. Managing advance payments is made simpler.

Enterprise Reporting with Tiered Access

Hollywood hype would have us believe that a hypnotist can control and direct our actions, and


Reports are generated in the defined template that is ready to be printed.

Clinical Establishment Act

The tool stringently complies with the Clinical Establishment Act enacted by the Central Government.

GST Enabled

The tool is enabled with GST integration to comply with the Government’s tax reforms.

Data Analytics

Visualize the data in the form of graphs and derive actionable inferences.

Daily Backup

A backup of your valuable information is automatically backed up daily and stored securely.


Since data is stored in the cloud, you don't have to worry about how data is saved.

Responsive Design

The tool works and looks perfect on all devices as it will automatically adapt.

Offline Implementation

Karesmart works on both in online and offline mode

24x7 Support

Support is provided Round the clock until our solutions convince you.

99.99% Uptime

Our server health is monitored periodically to ensure that is up and running.


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