Karesmart Clinic Management solution is designed and tailored for the need of small and mid-size hospitals.

Objective of this Solution

1.      Optimize the operational efficiency

2.      To provide 100% Paperless solution

3.      High traceability and control to maximize the patient walk-in.

Core Modules of this Solution:

Karesmart Clinic Management solution includes following modules.


Benefits of this Solution:


  • Patients can book online appointments based on the doctor availability by themselves or Reception/Front Desk can book appointments for their patients.
  • Patient can fill in their own details inclusive of medical history online or through front desk kiosk or tab
  • Patient unique ID registration, visit management has highly integrating capabilities with smart card or barcode reader
  • Integration of Clinic with one or more pharmacy is possible with this solution
  • ePrescription also available in the medical history of the patients
  • Medical history of a patient saved once can be re-used by patient and doctor. Doctor can retrieve all the previous visit information to the patient
  • Reduces the employee effort to check the medical history or re-registration of a patient every time
  • Doctor can efficiently go through the past medical history before the arrival of a patient which can lead to quality care to patient
  • User-friendly process for patient, where they need not to carry their medical file every time.
  • Reduces the paper usage will again contribute to cost reduction
  • Effective Inventory management with ease process and procedure increase the productivity and as well improves the sales in pharmacy
  • Harmonizing process for on-time medicine disposal process helps to have stringent storage management solution in hospital, in turns it save the cost of the space.
  • Periodic review (hourly, Daily, weekly, monthly & Yearly) of the patient walk-in and status with high transparency
  • Also helps to know the revenue and its outstanding summary with the detailed view across patients and Insurance, without an HMS tool lot of administration efforts required to full fill these criteria
  • We can use the data analytics to monitor the Patient turnaround time using report with In-time, waiting time, consulting time, time spent in laboratory, time taken in pharmacy, time at billing and out time.
  • To ensure the Patient quality care 70% to 80% of time should be with the doctor care, In the overall turnaround time.
  • We can capture the patient review and feedback to reflects to improve the quality care of the patient, Reports should indicate area for improvement.
  • Single click view report helps to view entire medical history of a patient which includes vitals, lab reports, e-prescription etc
  • We can use data analytics report to do effective Inventory Management in Pharmacy with real-time running stock status Report
  • Data analytics reports with the automated Low Inventory alerts for proactive Inventory planning
  • Automated drug expiration alert reports for drug clearance, to have stringent storage management space at pharmacy
  • Reports to uncover the bestselling product in pharmacy to improve sales performance, this decision support used to make hospital to do right investment

One scalable platform to deliver care for any and all use cases

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One scalable platform to deliver care for any and all use cases

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