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Traditionally we are known for good hospitality by nature but that does not enough for a hospital to be successful.Hence,they are forced to deliver premium quality care to their patient that shoots up the operating cost high.

So, in order to attain markable increase in the ROI (Return of Investment) you need to have better monitoring and control on you spend to improve your hospital operation efficiency. And also need to have a close look at the factors which can contributes to quality care, reduction of administration efforts and most importantly cost control are the key challenges to reduce your operational cost.

1. Quality care


  • Less turnaround time of a patient in hospital
  • 70% to 80% of time should be with the doctor care, In the overall turnaround time.


  • Ensuring on-time service
  • Effective nurse station care with automatic activity alert or remainders
  • Ensuring patients security and process guidelines as per the Medical governing body

2. Administration

  • Effective operational management and high transparency in operation across all the department will help to reduce the day to day effort.
  • Segregation of duties, splitting the administrative and patient care activities will help to have constant focus on their duties to improve productivity.
  • Eliminating co-ordination efforts between doctor and patient and increase value of your employee
  • Reducing documentation effort, once updated in the system can be accessed anytime in future such as asking for medical history etc., of a same patient
  • Simple and ease process and procedure such as discharge process

3. Cost Management

  • We can use the periodic data (hourly, Daily, weekly, monthly & Yearly) revenue report with high transparency and control across the departments which helps to know the revenue and its outstanding summary with the detailed view across patients and Insurance, without an HMS tool lot of administration efforts required to full fill these criteria
  • Day to day account open & close balance with no time to have better cash control
  • Insurance follow-up with automatic alerts constantly

To achieve the above operating capabilities, collecting the digital data is most essential in the hospitals, thus HMS will improve your hospitals revenue or ROI.

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