Inorder to achieve high ROI (Return of Investment) below are the 3 main core components to be watched out in your HMS.

1.     Hospital Data Management with tightly Integrated Process:

HMS should have end to end integration with all the modules exist in your hospital such as Patient Management or Visits, Billing, In-Patient, Pharmacy, Laboratory, operation theater and also HMS should have ability to provide end to end health care solution or hospitals solutions, in both clinical and non- clinical process.

2.     Hospital Data Information Flow or Analytics:

Role of data analytics become inevitable in the current digital era of any hospital, mining data, dashboards or reports helps hospital to track and make decisions in both clinical and non-clinical. Need look out how many reports available in your HMS with respective to modules and How those are helpful for you to make decision.

3.     Technology Management:

Technology Management should be lean and reduce your total cost of ownership and this can be achieved by using the cost-effective cloud solutions where you need not to have dedicated server or technology team to manage your HMS, need to look out for the HMS application roadmap.

HMS application software should have the below

  • Continuous improvement of the product features to adopt the changes in the healthcare industry as well by the regulatory body is to be looked out in your HMS product.
  • HMS should have ease deployment process to adopt the latest product innovation and reporting seamlessly without affecting your production environment
  • To ensure the data security, HMS should have own single database.

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