Would you believe that Inpatient management is one of the main core components of any successful hospital and do you know the reason why?

Yes, you are right; it’s just because of its high complex process:

Patient admissions cannot be planned all the time in advance and it needs to go through the different visit type such as outpatient, for Personnel treatment or emergency. In nature most cases In-patient management requires critical care, attentiveness and proactiveness to challenge themselves to ensure the quality care to emergency cases or post the critical surgery.

On top of that being In-patient, it requires seamless collaboration across various departments such as care team or nurse station, operation theatre, pharmacy, bed management, billing, Insurance, medicine management, record management and then patient discharge.


Having said that in order to perform In-patient Management, can you imagine what are all the challenges?
  1. High quality care: Need to monitor the patient 24/7
  2. Maintaining Reputation: Maintaining quality service which wins trust of patient and spreads positive vibration to society by word of mouth or through digital presence
  3. Quick admission required: Most cases it would be an emergency and you need to have an ease process to get the patient admitted to start the treatment
  4. Bed management: Need to keep tracking the beds availability now and then to provide service to a greater number of patients
  5. Workforce management: In order to collaborate various department, we need to have huge amount of workforce management
  6. Security process and Procedure: Security process and procedure need to be supplied with in high quality care
  7. Pharmacy: we need to document all the transaction between the nurse station and pharmacy now and then
  8. Patients Records: Maintaining patient records
  9. Discharge process and procedure: It’s very important to make the discharge summary it requires lot of administration efforts as well
In order to overcome all those challenges Hospital Management Software (HMS) are designed.

HMS to separate the high-quality care and administration effort to manage operation effortlessly
Also, HMS provides an integrated solution to manage your entire Inpatient management in every care point with ease.

Benefits of using HMS In-patient module
  • Flexible visit type for admissions.
  • Ensures Preventive alert service to nurse station
  • Ensure Automatic emergency alerts, to bring in quick attention towards patient care
  • High traceability and controls to make quick decision support.
  • HMS generates unique patient id for each patient.
  • Quick search to allocate a bed, ward, and room by availability by based on patient’s comfort ability.
  • E-medical records of all the patient, forms, templates starting from admission until discharge.
  • Secured visitor management process
  • Inventory management between ward and pharmacy
  • Operation theater management schedule, process and procedure
  • Workforce optimization and planning
  • Increase the customer satisfaction index of hospital
  • Investment (area or department) planning and decision support
  • Tight integration with billing and insurance

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