Challenges in Insurance Follow Up?

There are many chances that the insurance company will delay in making payments if they don’t adhere to the rules, therefore it is necessary to have a dedicated follow-up with the insurance company to resolve and collect your unpaid bills.

Is it necessary to follow up on Health
Insurance bills?

Yes of course. An aggressive follow up is needed.

Normally there are many bills pending for Clinics or Hospitals, which is not paid by the Insurance Company. When there is a HMIS system in the clinics or hospital which can enable to constantly follow-up on insurance billing, it becomes easier for the Hospital management to ensure that the Clinic or Hospital receive payments of Insurance without fail
and get it recorded.

Karesmart roles in Insurance Follow-up

  • Make sure every single amount, which is billed to Insurance
    Company is collected and recorded in the system
  • Generate reports on unpaid bills from Insurance any time.
  • Insurance follow Up Module notifies unpaid bills in a Dashboard.
  • Based on Notification, duplicate bills will be generated and emailed to the insurance company.
  • Updating the current status of the unpaid bills and assigning the follow up date for further follow up.
  • Appointment Remainder.
  • Schedule Change Reminder.
  • Alert Patients of new test report.
  • Patient Feedback Survey.
  • Promotional SMS.

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